Lincoln Center Support League

Membership Committee:

This committee shall be responsible for recruiting and retaining Support League members, managing membership information, benefits, and dues.  The VP of Membership shall serve as the Chairperson of the Membership Committee.

Budget Committee:

This committee prepares the annual budget of the Support League for Executive Board approval.  The Treasurer will serve as the Chairperson of the Budget Committee.

Fundraising Committee:

This committee will promote the Support League and its support of the Lincoln Center and outreach to the community. This committee will devise a speaker’s bureau, produce and distribute promotional materials and press releases, and maintain media relations to promote the work of the Support League.

Educational Outreach Committee:

This committee will assist in the educational and outreach activities of the Support League, such as the summer concerts, school shows, and other opportunities.

Trees and Treats Committee:

This committee coordinates with the special needs community and nursing home residents to provide a special tour of the Gallery of Trees.  After the tour, a small reception is held for participants.

Hall of Gifts Committee:

This committee will coordinate the annual art/craft fair held at the Lincoln Center.  Members will work closely with the Chairman to disseminate application materials and coordinate the final logistics for the event.

Gallery of Trees Committee:

This committee will work closely with the Chairman to disseminate information on the format of the Gallery of Trees and the Silent Auction procedures.  Committee members will also be involved with the final event as “host/hostess”.

Gifts of Warmth Committee:

This committee will work closely with Poudre School District to designate a school to receive hats/gloves/scarves for school children in need.